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             "We Protect Your Back"   Copper Theft is at its peak, don't lose your backflow investment, use Ultimate  Tuff Cage for your security needs.                 

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  WATER  We'LL share some installation tips we've learned, If any of you have tips you'd like to share, please send
         them to: Sales@ULTIMATETUFFCAGE.COM OR CALL US AT 623.298.8083      WATER
       Space Saving Tips!
It's best to use as small a cage as possible, here's some space saving ideas designed to allow a smaller enclosure:

      - Use street 90's instead of regular 90's
        - Use the very shortest nipples possible
        - from relief valve to top of pad a 12" height is needed 
        - Use "angle" pattern R.P. , with ball valves on risers, to shorten length as much as possible

           WATER  For  UTC-1, UTC-2 and UTC-3 Units (check the measurements for each unit)

       1Set heavy duty hardware (included) with bottom of circle flush with concrete, turn hardware as directed on install instructions.
       2. When cement is adequately hardened, set cage in position, insert lock into our Security Shield™ system to protect your backflow.
            WATER  For a  UTC-4 Unit:

1. Set heavy duty hardware (included) with bottom of circle flush with concrete
, turn hardware as directed on install instructions.
       2. Do not center hinged cage over backflow assembly.  Set hinged end of unit close to riser so enclosure will clear assembly when
            raising up. See chart below for clearance needed.

                      HINGED CAGE 4WATER
           When "H" is 30.5" C is 10.5"

         WATERInstalling enclosures over existing backflow assemblies:

         When the riser is close to the meter, you only need 1 ˝" of room between meter box a riser to install the enclosure.

            WATER **
         To gain more working room to install the cage, there are times when you can move the water meter box.  This is cheaper than
         reworking the pipe risers.  Be sure the water purveyor can still access the meter.



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