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        Who are we?
  Ultimate Tuff Cage has been providing professional services to Municipalities, Contractors, Property
    Managers, and the Irrigation Industry since 2008, although most of our staff has been in the enclosure
    business since 1999.  We equally enjoy working with the inexperienced home owner, to professional
    landscapers, & Public Works personnel to solve their security issues with anything they want protected.

    We got started in this business because we are interested in "Green" projects, and protecting our
    communities water sources. We have a Cross Connection Control Program Specialist (USC) on Staff
    and understand the urgency to educate and work with and support the cities and private industry in
    keeping our water sources safe from theft, toxins and contaminates at a reasonable cost. We
    appreciate all our customers and sympathize with all those who have become victims of Backflow
    Theft.  It can cost thousands of dollars to replace these Backflow Preventers that have been stolen
    by thieves looking to cash in by scraping the metal for monetary gain. These theft issues have
    transferred over to other areas such as Air Conditioners, Electronic Boxes, Pool pumps and actually
    any type of equipment that contains copper or brass.

    We Strive to provide the solutions that allow you to get the right enclosure to secure your particular
    Equipment from theft, supplying a quality product for the best overall value.

    We believe in GREAT Customer Service, respect of our clients, take pride in our work, and making this
    a friendly place to visit.  We ABSOLUTELY believe in our products! Our commitment to our customers
    means professional responses to your requests for information, quotations, technical information AND
    one of the most important---TIMELY SERVICE!  Your order will be invoiced correctly, your order will be
    shipped in a timely manner, we will keep you in the loop should some unforeseen delay be necessary.
    Although we can't control everything,  we strive not to have any delays.
    We at ULTIMATE TUFF CAGE™ are a business partner that you can rely on.  We are proud to be part of
    your solution and we encourage you to compare our "Ultimate Tuff Cage™" quality products, combined
    with our knowledgeable Sales Associates, rapid delivery shipments, competitive value prices, and
    unmatched Customer Service, against any others currently in the market today.  We know you
    will come to the same conclusion; ULTIMATE TUFF CAGE™ products are simply the very best security
    protection possible.   We aren't interested in the quick sale, we focus on establishing long-term
    relationships of value with our clients. 
    Our customers will all agree that when it comes to Backflow Theft Prevention Security, there is only one
    clear choice, and that is the

                We aim for "Quality and Protection" at a great price!

                                   Environmental Green by Backflow Protection - The Ultimate Tuff Cage PARTNER'S IN GREEN
                      An Environmentally Responsible Business



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