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Powdercoated Lift Off Enclosures for 1 1/2" to 2" Standard Backflow Assemblies 
ULTIMATE TUFF CAGES  UTC-3, Newest UTC Design - for those inbetween jobs UTC-3.3 and UTC-4 


Ultimate Tuff Cage List Pricing
 Model     Internal Dimensions
  External Dimensions
   Style Weight  UTC List Price    Competitors
      List Price
  Concrete Pad
 UTC-3      10.5" x 24" x 40.5"  13 3/8" x 24"x 43.5"  Hinged*  44lbs      $470.00       $570.00   20"W x 52"L
UTC- 3.3 NEWEST Ultimate Tuff Cage Design UTC 3.3    10.5" x 30" x 36"  13 3/8" x  30" x 39.5"  Hinged*  50lbs      $525.00     
 UTC-4   16.5" x 30.5" x 46.5"    20" x 30.5" x 49.5"   Hinged  60lbs      $580.00       $685.00   26"W x 60"L
UTC-3 Standard size - Ultimate Tuff Cage
 Please note: *If you are a Federal agency, State municipality, or Contractor, please contact our sales
                                       office;  623.298.8083  or   Sales@UltimateTuffCage.com  for pricing on the above products.
                                                                                    Stop Copper Theft                                                           
    Water Drop Hinged Enclosures  *Please note: UTC-3 can be made as a lift-off cage*
    Water Drop 4"-6" of the length of Hinged models is lost due to the arc of the cage when opening.

    Water Drop The rugged construction of these units along with our newly designed integrated Security Shield™ system
           will prevent vandalism and theft of your expensive backflow devices.  
    Water Drop  Features and Benefits:
              -  Affordable Pricing

              -  Their unique design is safe for children and pedestrians.  Never any sharp corners or rough edges!
              -  Always
"powdercoated" for lasting resilience, lowering follow-on maintenance costs.  

              -  Standard colors include our Desert TanUltimate Tuff Cage- Desert Tan Color and Cali GreenUltimate Tuff Cage - Cali Green color colors.  
                         * Please Consult factory on prices for custom colors.

              -  Complete access for testing & service work  
    Water Drop Ultimate Tuff Cage
Specializes in CUSTOM Designs. Some other Utility fixtures and equipment that can be protected by
             Ultimate Tuff Cage™ are:  Blue Arrow Water and Gas Meters  Blue Arrow Air Conditioners Blue Arrow Air Compressors Blue Arrow Air/Vacuum Relief Valves
    Water Drop Ultimate Tuff Cagecan fabricate and design any type of Enclosure you need to protect your investments!

                                                                             We aim for "Quality and Protection" at a great price!
The UTC-3 and UTC-4 are very popular members of Ultimate Tuff 
  Cage™ small powder coated enclosure lineup.  All 1˝"-2" backflow
  assemblies fit inside these two rugged yet attractive hinged models.
  These models are also very popular for enclosing solar & light
  powered timers, air/vacuum relief valves, gas valves and more.  The
  UTC-4 unit is perfect for enclosing two backflow assemblies in the
  same unit which has the effect of reducing the relative cost of
  protecting each device by 50%.  All custom made hardware is made
  in house and supplied with each of these units.

   -For larger sizes not listed here, please call our Sales Office for assistance with your
   custom needs. Custom projects demand custom solutions, We Are That Solution!

  - Use UTC-3 units for Extra Tall PVBs, Angle Pattern RPs, weatherproof timers and air
    Vacuum relief valves.

  - Use the UTC-4 units when installing 2 assemblies side by side or when a strainer,
      filter, or other items  are used on a 1 1/2" - 2" inline assembly.

                       Backflow Assembly Sizing Chart
   Model              UTC-3              UTC-4
  Size  Length   Size   Length
   2"      31"          
      2"      31"           
     1 1/2"      29 1/8"         
      2"      34 5/8"
    1 1/4"      31 1/4"  Two 2"RP         37"
    1 1/2"      33"    
      2"      31 3/4"      


   1 1/2" Sch 65 A.S.T.M.-A-53 Gr.A.E.W. steel pipe for end frames.

   1" x 1" x 3/16" steel angle iron base.

   ˝" #13 ga. diamond pattern flat rolled expanded steel mesh with all
   welded construction 1" to 4" O/C.

  All welded areas shall be a minimum of 1/4" bead every 1" to 4".


   State-of-the-art aeronautics industry five part metal cleaning 
   process and iron phosphate solution treatment.

   Units preheated before applying 1.5-3.0 mil thickness 
   polyester powder to A.S.T.M. D-2794.

   Impact Resistant Specifications and A.S.T.M. D-3559 
  Adhesive Specifications.

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                                                                                   An Environmentally Responsible Business

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