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    Joes Custom Ultimate Tuff Cage

This construction was designed for a building in Chicago.  It will be bolted to a wall to protect an electrical box that vandals keep breaking into to steal the copper wiring.  Obviously, there is no rhyme or reason to break into this box, since the amount of copper retrieved can't bring in any more than $20 worth of copper. Challenge was to be able confine the electrical box, with all it's corners, leave enough
space for the round bundle to exit the bottom, but not

giving the vandal any space to work in.  The unit also needed to be opened so work could be done on the system    
              SUCCESS....we fixed the problem!

Joes Custom- In Chicago they have vandals ripping off electrical wire, this design solved part of their problem  
STOP Copper Theft with Ultimate Tuff  Cage   
                           PROBLEM SOLVED, GOOD JOB!


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